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Adaptable Skincare for Every Moment

Your skin changes all the time, depending on where you are, what you are doing and how you live. That’s why it needs different care for its changing needs.

Gold Bond's Unique Formulas

Each of our products has a unique combination and ratio of 7 moisturizers to attract and lock moisture and restore your skin barrier, along with 3 essential vitamins to nourish skin.


High performance skincare


Moisturize dry skin, nourish aging skin, and get relief for specialty skin needs.


Absorbs moisture, cools skin, controls odor* with a unique triple action formula.*

Foot Care

Get loving care for your feet, from powders and sprays to nourishing creams, for all your needs.

First Aid

Get therapeutic relief available over the counter.

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your skin

Get information and advice about your skincare needs from these research-based skincare articles.

Eczema: what you need to know

Understand the causes and triggers of eczema symptoms — and how to get relief from dry, itchy skin caused by atopic dermatitis.

Gold Bond® tips and products for maintaining healthy looking skin

A home skincare routine can make a huge difference in how the skin all over your body looks and feels.

Gold Bond® helps improve the look of aging skin

In just two days, 82% of users had visible improvement in crepey skin on back of hands and arms.

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Try long-lasting hydration with Gold Bond’s high performance lotions, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins in every formula. If you’re not completely satisfied, get your money back, guaranteed. Terms & Conditions apply.

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