Close-up of a woman's back with natural skin, displaying signs of thinness and dehydration.

You Can Keep Aging Skin Looking Vibrant.

Skin is remarkably complex. It acts as both a barrier against the outside world and a critical way to experience it. Everything you are, feel, and do puts your skin to work.

So, of course, skin ages. But even skin with some years on it is alive, viable, can look healthier, and feel younger with the right care. Whatever your skin has endured and whatever shape it’s in, you can start now and help improve its appearance.

No Matter What the World Has Thrown at You ...

Here are just a few of the things that age your skin:

Ultraviolet (UV) light:

What people typically think of as “aged” skin — deep wrinkles, age spots, spidery veins, and leathery skin — is sun damage.

Your environment:

That includes pollution and weather, but also things like dry offices and buildings, air conditioning, direct heat from fires and fans, excessive bathing, contact with soaps, detergents and solvents, and irritation from rough clothing.


The loss of estrogen contributes to the look of aging skin.

Then what …

Aging skin is characterized by:

  • Dryness
  • Thinning
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Wrinkles

The most common problem is dryness, which can cause itching, discomfort, and fragile skin. Dry skin can be due to any number of factors.

So here’s the most important thing ...

The older you get, the more important it is to maintain healthy looking skin. Promoting healthy looking skin can help minimize the effects of aging and can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin.

First and foremost: Moisturize and use sunscreen ...

Skin products with sunscreen are an extremely effective, easy, and low-cost way to protect your skin.

In fact, there are plenty of easy ways to help protect and fortify your skin:

  • Use high quality moisturizers and hydrating skin products
  • Use sunscreen products as directed with other sun protection measures
  • Drink water
  • Get regular exercise
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, which contain natural antioxidants
  • Don’t smoke
  • Avoid exposure to pollutants

We recommend these high-quality Gold Bond® moisturizers for aging skin…

Gold Bond Age Renew Strength & Resilience Body Firming Lotion

Helps visibly firm the skin for all-over body use.

Gold Bond Age Renew Neck & Chest Firming Cream

Helps visibly firm the delicate neck and chest area. 

Gold Bond Age Renew Dark Spot Minimizing Body Cream

Helps minimize the appearance of dark spots for younger-looking skin. 

Gold Bond Age Renew Crepe Corrector Body Lotion

Helps improve visible signs of crepey skin. 

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* This skincare information is taken from research-based articles. All Gold Bond product recommendations are our own to help improve your skincare routine.

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