Men’s Essentials Body Powder

Introducing the best scent known to man. (And woman.) Sprinkle on new GOLD BOND® Ultimate Men’s Essentials Body Powder with Refresh 360 scent. Its premium formulation absorbs odor and wetness to refresh and comfort your manly skin. And speaking of manly, you’ll love the clean, crisp irresistible scent. And you won’t be the only one.

No Mess Powder Spray

A scintillating blast of full-body coolness is literally at your fingertips. Stay cool with GOLD BOND® No Mess Powder Spray. For your whole body or targeted hotspots, no matter where you aim GOLD BOND® No Mess Powder Spray delivers all the cooling, drying, exhilaration of GOLD BOND® Powder at the touch of a button. It always … Continued

Medicated Original Strength Body Powder

A little hot? A little sticky? Try a little shake, little tingle. Too bad GOLD BOND® Medicated Original Strength Body Powder wasn’t around when they built the pyramids. They would have enjoyed the cool, dry comfort of our triple action relief. Fortunately, our formula of medically proven ingredients combined with the finest powder and essential … Continued