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Gold Bond® Tips for Maintaining Healthy Looking Skin

A home skincare routine can make a huge difference in how the skin all over your body looks and feels.

That’s because external factors — things like overexposure to sunlight (ultraviolet/UV), pollution, smoking, sleeping positions, diet, and daily skincare habits — account for about 80 percent of the visible signs of skin aging. Internal factors, which are genetically determined, account for only 20 percent.

So the Better Care You Offer Your Skin, the Better You'll Feel Living in It.

So the better care you offer your skin, the better you’ll feel living in it. Here are a few tips.

Tip 1: Stick to a basic skincare routine

There are three important things you can do:

  • Protect your skin — Dermatologists recommend you use a body moisturizer with sunscreen every day. 
  • Moisturize your skin — Use high-quality moisturizers that supply humectants, which draw water into the skin, and occlusives, which seal it in.

Tip 2: Improve your skin’s texture and tone

The key to vibrant, healthy-looking skin is radiance, the quality of light reflecting off the surface of your skin. The easy way to achieve that is exfoliation, which removes dead skin cells. It can provide almost immediate visible results.

Tip 3: Visibly firm your skin

Aging skin gets thinner and less firm. To help improve those changes, look for moisturizers with vitamin A, which encourages skin that looks softer, smoother, and more elastic.

Tip 4: Minimize blemishes

Breakouts on the body can range from dark spots to blemishes.

To improve the look of dark spots, look for body moisturizers that exfoliate skin and are hydrating, non-irritating, and fragrance free. The most effective products have salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or retinoids such as retinol.

Tip 5: Maintain even skin tone

Blotchy skin, or hyperpigmentation, can increase the perception of age and create dull-looking skin with a loss of radiance.

The most beneficial ways to minimize hyperpigmentation are:

  • Consistent use of body moisturizers with sunscreen, and avoidance of UV light in general
  • Daily use of skincare products that include vitamin C, which helps protect against environmental stressors 
  • Gentle exfoliation
  • Drinking water
  • Getting regular exercise

So …

Both scientifically and anecdotally, we know you can improve the look and feeling of your skin with a thoughtful, consistent at-home skincare regimen.

Gold Bond® high-performance, clinically tested products are an excellent start.


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This skincare information is taken from research-based articles.

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