Medicated Extra Strength Body Powder

Get ready to tingle. Wheeeee! “Extra Strength” is putting it mildly. GOLD BOND® Medicated Extra Strength Body Powder has 5x the anti-itch power* for when you need big time extra relief. It’s designed to cool and relieve even the toughest skin irritation by soothing, cooling, and absorbing moisture. But it’s still gentle enough to use … Continued

Maximum Strength Foot Powder

GOLD BOND® Maximum Strength Foot Powder is like a daily treat to your feet. We’ve done medical research on smelly feet, and we’ve got good news. First, it’s over. But second, GOLD BOND® Maximum Strength Foot Powder has the unique triple action formula of ingredients proven by science to relieve itching, absorb moisture, and control … Continued

Therapeutic Foot Cream

Can our therapeutic foot cream even soften the rough “sandpaper” skin on your feet? Heel yes! Laced up inside hot shoes all day, the skin on your feet really has it rough. That’s why it gets cracked, tough, and smells like, well, feet. GOLD BOND® Therapeutic Foot Cream delivers seven intensive moisturizers with triple action relief, … Continued

No Mess Foot Powder Spray

It’s like giving your feet a little “pick me up.” Foot odor is one stinky problem. But all it takes to breathe freely again is GOLD BOND® No Mess Foot Powder Spray. It has 2x* the odor absorbing power to soak up moisture, cool, and control foot odor so your feet stay happy and dry. … Continued