As you stretch, your skin stretches with you — it bends, bruises, chafes, and cracks. So Gold Bond® delivers high performance skincare for real life. All to help you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, so you can perform at your best. Skin is your champion. One that should never settle for silver. So champion your skin with Gold Bond®.


Gold Bond® Medicated Powder was introduced in 1908 to local customers. It was an instant hit and grew quickly by word of mouth into a thriving business with a passionate following.

Since then, Gold Bond® has grown into a market-leading skincare brand. We are innovative leaders with products for aging skin, cracked skin, overnight hydration, and specialty skincare needs like eczema prone skin. And every year we launch more innovative products, so more people can get more enjoyment out of living in their own skin.

Today, our family of products includes body lotions and creams, our famous body powders, foot lotions and creams, and first aid remedies.

An assortment of Gold Bond Healing Products


From the beginning, Gold Bond®’s products have been about caring, improving, and nourishing skin. Today, our products are focused on helping people live dynamic, diverse, and active lives. Protect youthful skin, moisturize dry or aging skin, and address specialty skin needs with Gold Bond.