Gold Bond Terapeutic Foot Cream

Rough Is Bad. Soft Is Good.

So your feet feel like sandpaper. That's great if you want to smooth out your hardwood floors. But chances are that's not your motive. Soften your feet with Gold Bond Therapeutic Foot Cream. It helps heal dry, rough and cracked feet and heels. The unique formula delivers seven intensive moisturizers plus the healing power of essential skin nurturing vitamins A, C and E. And it even deodorizes.

Designed for dry, rough and cracked heels, Gold Bond Foot Cream works hard to condition and repair even the toughest skin. It's lightly scented, fast penetrating, and non-greasy. You'll be surprised at how great it feels and how quickly you can see the difference.


Helps heal dry, rough and cracked feet and heels:
• Relieves Dry, Irritated Skin
• Soothes & Softens
• Cools & Revitalizes


Seven intensive moisturizers Vitamins A, C and E


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